Role of the Post Secondary Advocate in Post-Secondary Planning often includes: 

  • implementing a college and career readiness program as part of a comprehensive guidance and school counseling plan, developed in collaboration with administration, teachers, staff, families, and external partners.

  • encouraging student participation in challenging coursework and relevant learning opportunities.

  • helping students explore postsecondary options including college and career choices.

  • facilitating the college application process.

  • engaging parents in educational and career planning for their children.

  • cultivating skills and habits necessary for student success in post-secondar school, community and the world of work.

  • helping students connect the link between present efforts and future success.

  • helping students understand their strengths and talents, and how these abilities can be utilized in various college majors and careers. 

  • communicating scholarship, financial aid, and other college opportunities to families and Alumni. 

  • organizing college visits, college fairs, service learning opportunities, as well as financial aid workshops.

  • explaining the military recruitment opt-out and the FAFSA completion project/National Student Clearinghouse opt-out. 

  • connecting students to  employment opportunities.