As the Dean of Students I make sure the school is safe and secure.  I challenge students and hold high expectations concerning classroom conduct and school culture.  I work as part of the Restorative Practices team to mediate student/student conflict and student/teacher conflict towards a swift and healthy resolution.   I help ensure parents, students and staff that policies and procedures are evolved and applied for ALL students to be successful in an academic setting. Should you ever have questions or need assistance, please contact me. I look forward to working with you!    









Dean Lewis 


Osage Campus and Home Office

1175 Osage St.

Denver, CO 80204

Tel: 303-892-8475

Fax: 303-362-6994

GES Campus:

3093 E. 42nd Ave.

Denver, CO 80216

Tel: 720-524-8664

Fax: 303-955-0027


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