The Osage Building in the 1930s when it was the Western Electric Company.

Rocky Mountain News article 2000




In 1993, two women started looking for schools that provided an alternative to young people who had not found success in a traditional educational setting.


Cyndi Bush-Luna and Lori Deacon found a few examples, but decided they could do it better themselves.  At the time, there were no charter schools.  So, they created a private school in 1994 and raised money to fund it by knocking on doors and working every contact they had.  In 1997 they moved into a larger space, our current space, at 1175 Osage Street in Denver.  In 2004 Colorado High School Charter became one of the very first charter schools in Denver.  It is the oldest charter high school and the oldest alternative charter high school in Denver.


As a charter school, CHSC was able to increase the size of its student body.  Cyndi and Lori could focus less on fundraising and more on serving students and making CHSC the best it could be.


In 2013 and 2014, CHSC bought its current space.  In 2017, the Osage campus was renovated and expanded to meet its growing enrollment.

In 2015 enrollment reached the maximum allowed by DPS under its charter contract.


In 2016, due to surging enrollment, CHSC opened its second campus in the Gloria Elyria Swansea neighborhood, the GES campus.  The GES campus received its own charter from DPS in 2017.

In 2016 CHSC was the highest performing alternative education camps in DPS, out of 20 schools.


To date hundreds of students have walked our halls and dozens of teachers and administrators have worked with those students.  We are grateful for each and every one of you.


We are proud of our past and excited about our future!


Read this letter from our founder, Cyndi Bush-Luna.