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Osage Campus


Colorado High School Charter is transforming the alternative education experience by igniting the potential within each of the diverse young people we serve.  CHSC ensures students’ personal and academic growth by creating tailored curricula, a supportive school environment, and community partnerships. We empower our students to succeed in life and positively contribute to their families and communities by offering them the freedom and resources to pursue a post-secondary path aligned with their individualized goals.


We believe that learning happens when relationships are built on trust and respect. 

High Expectations

We believe that by expecting the most of ourselves and those around us and holding each other accountable we can achieve our greatest potential. 


We believe that by embracing and learning from all people we become better, produce higher quality work and become more empowered. 


We value continuous improvement of ourselves, each other and our practices. We seek and apply feedback, reflect on our practice, maintain a can-do positive attitude, approach changes and challenges as opportunities to learn and celebrate each of our unique strengths in support of continuous improvement. 


We know that to perform and grow, we must feel safe and cared for, so we work continuously to  holistically meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual needs of everyone in our community. We believe that healthy people perform better. 

Third... Fourth... and Fifth Way

Our students embody this value and as partners with them, we work to emulate the practice of finding ladders, bulldozers and other solutions to the vast number of walls, roadblocks and problems we encounter. 

Where Osage Can Take You

With our unique programs like Construction Education and Concurrent Enrollment, your future can start now. Enroll Today.


Enroll Now

Students at CHSC - Osage are part of a learning community that leads to lasting bonds and long term success.


Career Opportunities

Join a team of dynamic teaching professionals who are passionate about their students.


Support Us

Lend your time or some funding to help make CHSC the best it can be for our students and their families.

Become Part of the CHSC Family

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