Colorado High School Home

Our Mission: To work towards a more accepting community for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, social work and advocacy.

Interested in joining?  Please talk to Ms. Tracie is office #104.

Meetings will begin in 3rd block.  Days TBA.

Boys Basketball

Come out and support your Osage Lion's basketball team!

The Balarat Eco-Seminar Internship Semester offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to pursue one semester of their high school education in a mountain/outdoor-based setting.


Students must apply for admission.  Applications are due to Miss Tanaka no later than December 18.


BAM -> Body And Mind Club

It's time to have some fun!!!  Come hang out after school and play games, learn meditation techniques and get to know your classmates.  Each week will be a different game like Captre the Flag and Dodge Ball, and a new meditation or self-healing technique to help de-stress from life.

Every Tuesday from 3-4pm in Blocks 2 and 3.  Meet in the courtyard.

Join the Breakfast Club!

Come hang out with your favorite AmeriCorps member, Ridge, at 8:30am before school every Friday.  We will discuss ways to improve the school and make mornings more fun!  Refreshments will be provided for members who sign up every Monday-Thursday.

Study Hall Smackdown

Every Thursday after school from 3-4pm

Osage Campus

Study with your favorite teachers!

Catch up on missed work.

Enjoy tasty food and hang out with friends.

Health and Wellness Fair Family Night

Join us for a free Health & Wellness Fair at the La Alma Rec Center on January 25th from 4-6pm.