Block Awards 

At the conclusion of each Block, students are awarded for their achievements in academics, attendance, participation and conduct. Each Block is about six (6) weeks in length –with a total of six (6) blocks in the school year. Allowing our students many opportunities to earn cash, gift cards and other privileges in and out of school.  The purpose of this program is to recognize, reward and engage students in their education on a regular and recurring basis throughout the school year.   

  • If a student receives a 4.0 GPA or all A's in classes, the student will receive $30.00.


  • For a 3.0 GPA the student will receive $15.00.


  • If a student passes all their classes they get to pick a snack / treat out of the grab bag.


  • Perfect Attendance for the Block will earn the student $50.00.


  • Perfect Attendance with excused absences will earn the student $25.00.


  • Students that have 90-99% attendance will receive a snack / treat out of the grab bag.


  • With a 3.0 GPA AND 85% or higher Attendance a student will receive: Off campus privileges, opportunities to use their headphones and cell phone. 


  • Students that display exceptional progress, effort and/or commitment to their education will receive a discretionary Advocate Award. Including gift cards, lunches, snacks, and many other great incentives.