“Growing Indoors”

We have partnered with Earth Rebirth, a grassroots organization focusing on educational garden spaces new to Colorado, and they have committed to $800 in funding for this project. When I met with their representative last week we spoke about kicking off a crowd sourcing campaign to raise a matching $800 to make more creative opportunities available to our students.

The students submitted their written descriptions for me to synthesize into one message that we have posted on our GoFundMe.

You can find our page here: https://www.gofundme.com/aquaponics-project-at-chsc

Please spread this GoFundMe campaign with anyone in your networks as we are looking to raise these funds within 1 week. (It was just launched publicly this morning and we are already at $150!!!!)

Thank you for supporting our efforts here at the GES campus!

-Michael Green

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