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Alissa Weller, School Social Worker
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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Trauma-Informed Practices


Colorado High School Charter values the practices of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in Schools (TCIS) program, and Trauma Informed Practices (TIP). We know that many youth have experienced trauma in their lives.  Every staff member at CHSC receives extensive trainings in Cornell University’s TCIS program. TCIS is a crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach school staff how to help children learn constructive ways to handle crisis, and identify and remove situations that may trigger a trauma response. CHSC’s TCIS program teaches staff to respond effectively to students in crisis situations, which is critical in establishing not only a safe environment, but also one that promotes growth and development.

Restorative Practices


Our Colorado High School Charter community is founded in Restorative Practices. We believe Restorative Practices fosters relationships, strengthens understanding, repairs harm, and builds strong communities. It is critical to identify and address the needs and harms that occur when there is conflict in the school community by cultivating empathy and modeling conflict resolution skills. Restorative Practices helps create a more equitable and inclusive environment for students, staff, families, and community members.


Our practices are based on the 5R’s of Restorative Practices:


  • Relationships

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Repair

  • Reintegration


Colorado High School Charter utilizes circles to build relationships among the class and develop a stronger sense of community that can support one another socially and academically.

Student Advocates


CHSC Advocates conduct individual intake forms, so we may have compiled data on each student; this intake identifies barriers, and Advocates serve as a bridge between the student and the resources they need. For example, students travel from all over the Denver-metro area to come to school; we provide two RTD tickets to students so they can get home and come back the next day.

Julissa Torrez - Osage Campus
9th & 10th grade Student Advocate
Liz Romero - GES Campus
Student Advocate
Tracie Trinidad - Osage Campus
11th & 12th grade Student Advocate

Resources for Students

Resources for Families