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Colorado High School Charter

Attn: Business Manager

1175 Osage St.

Denver, CO  80204

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In 2015 and 2016, Colorado HS purchased all of the space it currently uses for its Osage Campus. The Osage campus renovations were completed in Fall 2017. Much of the purchases and renovations were paid for with reserves the schools had carefully set aside for expansion. In 2017, we purchased a building for our GES campus and we are currently renovating that building.  Your donation will help us renovate GES's future home and pay down our mortgages so that we can better meet the needs of our growing student population.

$25 buys bus tickets for a month for one student
$50 buys breakfast and lunch for a month for one student
Thank your for your support!!


$100 pays for a 6 week culinary class for a student
$500 pays for a concurrent enrollment class at UC-Denver, Metro State U or Community College of Denver
$1,000 pays for 6 student laptops
$5,000 pays for a laptop cart and 25 student laptops
$10,000 pays for a renovated, updated classroom
$50,000 funds a Student Advocate who will work hard to remove barriers to success for 50 students