"Colorado High School Charter is the best school I have ever attended in the DPS system. CHSC has helped me catch up in my schooling so that I can graduate. CHSC also allowed me the opportunity to attend Community College of Denver to see what college life was like and to get a start on my college credits through a program called concurrent enrollment. This I was very happy for because it allowed me to see if college would even be something I could comfortably see myself continue after I graduate high school. CHSC also has a really amazing staff who do everything they can to help us students. When my grandma had knee surgery and couldn't take me to school they came up with a way for me to be picked up and taken to school as well as a way home after school. Without the staff at CHSC I know I wouldn't be about to graduate this May of 2017." – Student, March 2017 [niche.com reviews]

"I think the staff here is great they try to work with the kids my son doesn't like school but at least he gets up and goes here he also said he likes it better than [his last school]." – Parent, August 2017 [Facebook]

"This school really helped me to succeed during a difficult time in my life and I went on to get a college degree. The teachers are wonderful and make sure all of the students are getting all the support they need to be successful." – Student, 2014 [Google Reviews]