Covid-19 updates from the Executive Director

July 2nd, 2020 COVID-19 Update -

20/21 School Year. 

Dear Students and Families,

I hope this note finds you and your family safe and healthy.  As some of you have seen or heard Denver Public Schools will be returning in the fall to in-person learning.  As part of DPS’s family of schools Colorado High School Charter plans to return in the fall with in-person learning as well.  This decision was made based on a conglomerate of health departments coming together and making this recommendation that they believe is in the best interest of all students and families.  Based on that recommendation we will have the following precautionary measures in place for the fall:

~ Staff and students will wear masks or other approved face coverings

~ Staff and students will have a health check each day before they enter the school

~ Students will eat lunch and breakfast in newly defined areas

~ Students will work in a cohort model limiting the exposure they have to other students

~ Our buildings will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis

If a student or family is not comfortable returning to school we will ensure that they have an online option made available to them.  If you or your student is not comfortable returning please reach out to your advocate and we will get you the necessary information.

For those students planning on returning for in-person learning in the fall we look forward to seeing you on August 17th no later than 9:00 am.  If you are new to Colorado High School Charter we look forward to meeting you on August 14th at 9:00 am for new student orientation.   

As all of us know now this virus is hard to predict and while these are our plans at this point in time they may change based on changing conditions and recommendations from our health experts.   

We recognize that these are challenging times and if you need some assistance with food we would love to help. Please reach out to me or your advocate if this is something we can help with. 

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Thank you,



Clark P. Callahan

Joint Statement from the Board and Executive Director, Clark Callahan. 

Like many others following the death of George Floyd, CHSC is angered, disturbed and broken hearted. Our country has waited far too long to recognize and eliminate the racism that has plagued our nation since its founding. As an organization, we are committed to the work of eradicating racism, seeking justices and empowering all people. Now, more than ever, we will dedicate our assets, time and energy to this important work and to the continued education of the many diverse communities we serve. 

Greg Mestas, Cyndi Bush-Luna, Michael McArthur, Nneka McPhee, Nick Bucy, Stella Yu, Phyllis Kadison and Clark Callahan. 

Mensaje de parte de el Director Ejecutivo y Junta Directiva. 

Como muchos otros después de la muerte de George Floyd, CHSC está enojado, perturbado y con el corazón roto. Nuestro país ha esperado demasiado tiempo para reconocer y eliminar el racismo que ha afectado a nuestra nación desde su fundación. Como organización, estamos comprometidos con el trabajo de erradicar el racismo, buscar justicia y empoderar a todas las personas. Ahora, más que nunca, dedicaremos nuestros activos, tiempo y energía a este importante trabajo y a la educación continua de las diversas comunidades a las que servimos.


Greg Mestas, Cyndi Bush-Luna, Michael McArthur, Nneka McPhee, Nick Bucy, Stella Yu, Phyllis Kadison and Clark Callahan. 

"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits."



Colorado High School Charter is transforming the alternative education experience by igniting the potential within each of the diverse young people we serve.  CHSC ensures students’ personal and academic growth by creating tailored curricula, a supportive school environment, and community partnerships. We empower our students to succeed in life and positively contribute to their families and communities by offering them the freedom and resources to pursue a post-secondary path aligned with their individualized goals.






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Core Values


The Core Principles of CHSC guide and ground our work together as a community. We believe when these principles are practiced with fidelity and discipline they lead to profound growth and results for young people.  We encourage anyone who observes us not living up to these core principles to let us know so we can continue to improve our work.

  •  Relationships:We believe that learning happens when relationships are built on trust and respect. 

  • High Expectations: We believe that by expecting the most of ourselves and those around us and holding each other accountable leads to our greatest potential. 

  • Growth: We value contiuous improvement of ourselves, each other and our practices. We seek and apply feedback, reflect on our practice, maintain a can-do positive attutude, approach changes and challenges as opportunities to learn and celebrate each of our unique strengths in support of continuous improvement. 

  • Inclusivity: We believe that by embracing and learning from all people we become better, produce higher quality work and become more empowered. 

  • Wellness: We know that to perform and grow, we must feel safe and cared for, so we work continuously to  holistically meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual needs of everyone in our community. We believe that healthy people perform better. 

  • Third...Fourth...Fifth way: Our students embody this value and as partners with them, we work to emulate the practice of finding ladders, bulldozers and other solutions to the vast number of walls, roadblocks and problems we encounter. 

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